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Chefchaouen opens a Centre for Information on Energy

Chefchaouen opens a Centre for Information on Energy funded by the European SUDEP South Project


As of last Friday July 15th, the citizens of Chefchaouen have witnessed the inauguration of a new Centre for Information on Energy.   This centre, funded by the EU via the SUDEP South project aims at providing the citizens of Chefchaouen with information on energy efficiency, good practices on thermal insulation materials and reduction of energy consumption. The centre was inaugurated by the Mr. Mohammed Sofiani, the Mayor of Chefchaouen, together with Mr. Krauss Gerhard, the representative of the EU Delegation in Rabat.

“The SUDEP South project is a lever for many other activities and projects carried out in Chefchaouen in terms of sustainable energy management” said Mr. Sofiani. The Moroccan municipality also unveiled six new electrical bikes funded by the European Union to enable municipal civil servants to travel in an eco-friendly manner during working hours using the latest model bikes.

The inauguration of these new initiatives coincided with a visit by the  SUDEP-SM team who visited the project locations and discussed with the stakeholders and beneficiaries issues related to the progress of the project’s implementation.

The municipality also showed the SUDEP-SM team the developments on the construction of the new Museum of the Mediterranean Diet. The construction of the building, following energy efficiency good practices is supported by the SUDEP South initiative.

The SUDEP South program, co-funded by the European Union and implemented by GIZ, aims to enable 12 cities from 6 countries of the southern Mediterranean to implement actions to promote sustainable energy. The objective is to improve energy efficiency, increase the use of renewable energy sources and the protection of the environment by promoting a green and sustainable economy.

Since 2015, the municipalities of Chefchaouen and Kenitra have been supported by this program with a total investment of 20 million dirhams representing 80% of the financing of their projects to achieve efficient and optimized public lighting activities, the implementation of an energy information centre as well as organizing capacity development, awareness and promotional activities for energy efficiency.