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Israel - Kfar Saba

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Technical Description

The project is implemented by the Municipality of Kfar Saba, in partnership with the Southern Triangle Municipalities (Tira, Kfar Kasem, Kfar Bara, Kalanswa and Jaljulia), Israel. Kfar Saba and the ST municipalities are jointly promoting sustainability based on partnerships and co-existence. Kfar Saba is also party to ICLEI and the national Cities’ Climate Convention, committing to 20% reduction of GHG by 2020. This is achieved through numerous policies related to renewables, energy efficiency, green building and education.


Global Objective: To support the capacity of local authorities to disseminate optimized energy management practices and technologies, while creating a platform for Arab and Jewish authorities to meet common energy challenges.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Energy Management Systems (EMS) implemented in 20 schools and 20 municipal units
  2. Communication among all end users through online energy platform, with enhanced communication between Jewish and Arab ‘energy delegates’
  3. Capacity building in targeted institutions to disseminate optimized energy behaviors and management practices
  4. Energy Efficiency (EE) flagship projects selected and implemented in top-scoring schools on energy efficiency
  5. Engagement of 1000 households in an online feedback system
  6. Energy policy framework formulated for the Southern Triangle through joint Jewish-Arab capacity building
  7. Disseminated good practices to local authorities, populations and schools in the region


Expected results:

  • Conducting a baseline survey to in all participating institutions
  • Installing passive and active Energy Management Systems in 20 schools and 20 municipal units
  • Setting up an innovative online platform for communication among all end users
  • Recruiting ‘energy delegates’ in all participating institutions and training them to disseminate optimized energy practices, with joint workshops for Arab and Jewish pupils
  • Selecting and implementing 6 flagship energy efficiency projects in 6 top-scoring schools
  • Engaging 1000 households in a novel personalized energy-feedback platform and providing tips for energy saving
  • Joint capacity building on energy policies, for policymakers from Kfar Saba and the ST municipalities Dissemination of results through multi-lingual publications, conferences, on-site visits and public campaigns
  • Mid-term and final impact studies and evaluations



  • Municipality of Kfar Saba: project beneficiary
  • Environmental Towns Association of the Southern Triangle (ETAST): project partner
  • European Union: co-funding the project
  • GIZ: technical assistance for project implementation


Financing Scheme

  • Cost of the project : 300 000 Euros
  • European Union : 240 000 Euros (80%)
  • Municipality of Kfar-Saba: 60 000 Euros (20%)



  • Duration of realization of the project : 36 months


Contact Persons

  • Haran Bar-On | Project Coordinator | Municipality of Kfar Saba | E: | P: +972 9 76 49 101
  • Ella Danon | Head of Sustainability Department | Municipality of Kfar Saba | E: | P: +972 50 69 34 44