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Jordan - Sahab



Technical description

This is a pilot project that will serve as a model for the rest of the municipalities in the Kingdom of Jordan. This action includes the development of an Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Plan for the municipality for the next (10) years in participatory approach and the identification of the requirements for joining the Covenant of Mayors initiative


Global Objective: To enable Sahab Municipality in Jordan to become a pilot for the local authorities in ENPI South partner countries to address local sustainable development challenges related to energy

Specific Objectives:

  1. Develop a local Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Plan for Sahab Municipality.
  2. Promote and implement energy efficiency, energy savings & renewable energy measures at Sahab Municipality buildings.
  3. Introduce energy efficient technologies to municipalities.
  4. Build capacities of employees of Sahab Municipality.
  5. Raise public awareness of the general public and relevent stakeholders
  6. Enable Sahab to become an EE model Municipality


Expected results

  • Develop Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Plan for the Municipality for the next (10) years following a participatory approach which involves the Mayor and Municipal Council that defines an appropriate governance structure for the effective implementation of this plan
  • Implement energy efficiency& renewable energy measures at the municipality buildings such as cultural center, stadium, public schools, masjids and the bus stations such as energy efficient lighting, Solar lighting and On-Grid Photo Voltaic Cells
  • Implement a set of relevant demonstration activities suitable for replication by other local authorities, provinces or networks in the region and prepare the Municipality for Twining cooperation within the Region and Europe
  • Increase awareness of local populations of sustainable development policies and actions.
  • Enhance capacity of local authorities to develop and implement sustainable energy projects
  • Conduct awareness workshops for the schools and through the masjids and local NGOs



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Financing Scheme

  • Cost of the project : 719 000 Euros
  • European Union : 575 000 Euros (79.89%)
  • FPEC & Sahab Municipality : 144 709,89 Euros (20.11%)



  • Duration of realization of the project : 30 months


Contact persons

  • Eng. Shaker Hammad | Project Coordinator | E: | P: +962 790 274 774 / +962 653 447 01