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Lebanon - Baakline

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Technical description

The project is to transform Baakline into Smart City reaching the EU 2020 targets of CO2, renewables and energy efficiency, to be economical, social and ecological friendly, and to serve as an actor of change inciting FMCS LA-s leading towards signing the CoM. Through :

  1. Developing and implementing sustainable policies and legislations framework
  2. Involve all citizens and businesses sectors to achieve the MBAA and FMCS objectives by establishing a Cooperative of renewable energy, under the theme “sustainable energy for all”
  3. Making "Pilot / Demonstration Projects"
  4. Insuring sustainable street lighting
  5. Building capacity for eight other FMCS Las
  6. Information and awareness-raising for all citizens and private/ public sectors. Using media to change people‘s energy use behaviour.
  7. Communication and Visibility Plan



Global Objective: the proposed project is to transform Baakline into Smart City reaching the EU 2020 targets of CO2.

Specific Objectives:

  • The implementation of policies and legislations in order to increase in energy efficiency, energy savings and renewable energy sources in Baakline and in the 8 other cities of FMCS region.
  • The development of regional cooperation for inclusive and sustainable growth and job creation through addressing local sustainable development challenges related to energy, enhancing progressive attraction, private sector development and developing sectorial cooperation and dialogue, including convergence towards EU policies, regulations and standards.
  • The generation of a pool of demonstration actions which can be replicated in the region and in Lebanon.
  • Information and public awareness-raising issues on climate change, energy consumption, and RE and EE applications; Communication and Visibility Plan


Expected results

  • Improved performance in MBAA & FMCS local authorities in terms of sustainable energy (e.g. energy savings, energy efficiency, share of renewable energy, CO2 emissions, etc.), towards signing the CoM, and enhancing their capacity to develop and implement sustainable energy projects.
  • The Energy Cooperative has a major role to help citizens and public/private sectors to better implement urban demonstration projects by providing guidance and oversight during project implementation, through technical advice and capacity-building support, in designing high- quality proposals for sustainable urban demonstration projects, including high-quality project financing plans..
  • Increased awareness of LA-s and local populations of sustainable development policies and actions. Ensure good communication, visibility and spread of results of the program and its demonstration projects, in particular dissemination of good practices that could serve as a model actions in the implementation of SEAPs in other municipalities.



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Financing Scheme

  • Cost of the project : 695 519 Euros
  • Part 1: European Union : 556 366 Euros (80%)
  • Part 2: Baakline municipality : 104 272 Euros (15%)
  • Part 3: FMCS : 34 882 Euros (5%)



  • Duration of realization of the project : 18 months


Contact persons

  • Mrs. Nouha GHOSSEINI | Mayor of Baakline Municipality - MBAA, President of Chouf Souayjani Federation of Municipalities | E : | P: +961 (5) 305 618/300 528