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More than 200 participants in the inauguration of Sahab’s new solar photovoltaic street lights system

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More than 200 participants in the inauguration of Sahab’s new solar photovoltaic street lights system


The municipality of Sabah inaugurated on Tuesday 10th January the project “Making Sahab a Green City” funded by the European Union through the support of the SUDEP project. More than 200 officials participated on the inauguration ceremony that preceded the official lightening of its new solar photovoltaic street lights system.

Representatives from the neighbour municipalities, national universities and the Ministries of Municipal Affairs and Energy were present in the Cultural Center of Sabah. The European Union Delegation was represented by Omar Abu Eid, who stressed out the importance of clean energies and durability in Jordan. Among the participants, there were members of The National Energy Research Center (NERC) and Future Pioneers -both partners of this project- that represented the private sector and the civil society. 

As a closure of the evening, those present –more than 200 hundred- could witness the achievements in terms of energy efficiency in the municipality of Sahab. A guided tour was organized trough the different project activities, such as a thermal photovoltaic installation, photovoltaic panels that feed a municipal billboard at the public bus station or the new LED system that lights the public schools.

The European Union, together with the municipality of Sahab, is funding  80 % of the SUDEP South Sahab project that aims at enabling the local government to become a pilot for the local authorities in ENPI South partner countries to address local sustainable development challenges related to energy.