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Sahab Municipality Received Procurement Training

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SUDEP South SM organized a Procurement Training in Sahab, Jordan


SUDEP South Supporting Mechanism completed the 4th training at Sahab Municipality on February 26th 2017. The all-day training about Public Procurement was delivered by an international expert. The training was organized by SUDEP South in collaboration with Sahab Municipality at the Hashemite Garden in Sahab and supported by SUDEP South Key Expert 2 based in Jordan. It was attended by 20 engineers from the public sector and representatives from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and the Municipality of Sahab. 25% of participants were women.

The training started with a speech from SUDEP South KE2 explaining the goals of the project and the completed project deliverables at Sahab municipality. The cost benefits and the environmental benefits were explained. Being pilot projects, there were a good example to show how Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency projects can be implemented. Then Sahab sustainability department manager delivered a speech encouraging the participants to adopt renewable energy and energy efficiency projects at their work places and in their normal lives.

The one day training ended with a group picture for the attendees and a discussion about several points regarding case studies discussed during the training.