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Technical description

In a joint consultation between ICU, the municipality of Nabeul and the local population it emerged that the city of Nabeul needs to improve the quality of the public services provided to the local population. In particular, the municipality needs to improve the quality of the basic services provided. The current situation is worsened by the always growing urbanisation and the consequent growth in energy demand. The parties have than decided to create a plan in order to ensure the energetic efficiency and to intervene in 3 primary domains: water sanitation, energetic self-sufficiency of the public buildings and public lighting. ICU and the municipality of Nabeul have drafted an action plan in order to address these primary needs


Global Objective: To contribute to the implementation of the initiatives promoted in the urban sustainable development field by local authorities.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To provide the municipality of Nabeul with the possibility to realize, replicate autonomously and demonstrate to the neighbouring municipalities, photovoltaic solutions that can be undertaken in order to ensure the electricity supply needed for the public water, public buildings and urban lighting use. Thanks to the implementation of the 2 solar power plants the city will benefit of a constant furniture of energy, contributing to costs reduction for the local community

Expected results

  • Two solar power plants will be installed to produce additional energy (25%) for the WWTP S3 (Wastewater Treatment Plant), a part of the energy needed by the municipal building (50%) and energy required for the public illumination (about 100 street lights) of the city center.
  • The population will dispose of clean water, the pollution deriving from the energy production will be significantly reduced, The personnel that will take care of the new plants will increase technical and management skills.
  • The action will raise the awareness of the population about environment and renewable energies
  • The city will benefit of a long term energy plan that will also be an example for other Tunisian Municipalities.



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Financing Scheme

  • Cost of the project : 1 250 000 Euros
  • European Union : 975 000 Euros (78%)
  • Municipality of Nabeul: 178 750 Euros (14.3%)
  • Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria Onlus: 96 250 Euros (7.7%)



  • Duration of realization of the project : 24 months


Contact persons

  • Mr. Yahia Abidi | General Secretary of Nabeul Municipality | E: | P: +216 98 659 034/ +216 72 287 016
  • Mrs. Sara Ferretti | Project Coordinator | E: | P: +39 06 93 93 83 67